Meet The Team

Meet the full OSC team!

Co-Founder & Fascial Stretch Therapist

Samuel Chan

Sam graduated with a degree in Theatre from Concordia University. It was while he was pursuing his acting career where he got his start in fitness working at a gym between gigs. As an actor, it was always part of Sam’s training to learn to be aware of his body and stretching was a staple in this practice, so much so that he created a stretch group class called “Stretchtastic”, which became wildly popular. He has been in the industry for the last 10 years and has certifications from Can Fit Pro, Power Plate, TRX, Fascial Stretch Therapy and LifeStretch. He has also built a successful real estate business for himself, which he credits as providing him with a good entrepreneurial knowledge base. Sam’s outgoing nature and curiosity about people is what helps him discover how best to treat his clients and support the business. Sam feels that everyone has the willpower to succeed and it is part of his job to figure out how to harness and encourage it out of them. On the operations side, Sam’s role involves managing the day to day activities, business development and crunching those numbers!

Co-Founder & Fascial Stretch Therapist

Charlie Vallespin

Known as the “happy-go-lucky” child in his family, Charlie has always been known for his positive attitude. He developed an interest in sports at a young age playing basketball and American football, which laid the foundation for his journey into fitness. He has been involved in fitness professionally for the last 10 years with multiple certifications from ACE, CHEK, Poliquin, Stretch to Win FST and is also part of the Commission des Praticiens en Médecine Douce du Québec (CPMDQ). Charlie believes that fitness does not only include looking good, but more profoundly it is the lifestyle choice of feeling good and Fascial Stretch Therapy is a big component of this lifestyle. At Optimal Stretch Clinic, Charlie is responsible for client care, personalized treatment plans as well as leading and motivating his team of therapists. Charlie prides himself in being a trusted partner for his clients, helping them accomplish their fitness goals and developing a healthy lifestyle that he feels ultimately impacts their overall well-being. The fact that some of his clients have been with him for the last 8 years and continue to come back is a testament to his ability to evolve with and maintain his clients trust.



Ylan brings a depth of knowledge to her practice with 8 years working as a kinesiologist and over 10 years working as a certified personal trainer both in Montréal and Toronto. She is fascinated by the human body and has been doing continued education over the last 10 years and accumulated a wide variety of certifications, including Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST).  She has been practicing FST for 7 years and received both her level 1 and level 2 certifications during her stint in Toronto. Over her career, she has worked with a wide variety of bodies and humans and adapts exercises and treatments to you. Her philosophy in life and in her line of work is to empower you in what you and your body can do. She is here to help you understand how your body works and build a great relationship and build confidence between you, your body and movement. She believes that movement is for everyone and everybody can MOVE WELL.

Certified Athletic Therapist

Alyssa Zemaitaitis

Certified Athletic Therapists are experts in treating acute and chronic injuries to the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, and joints). They take an active approach to the rehabilitation process which sets them apart and helps their clients return to doing what they love. ATs assess the whole body to find and treat the cause of pain and discomfort. Athletic therapists treat a wide range of clients from children to seniors, professional athletes to weekend warriors! Their role is to educate and guide their clients through the rehab process so they can move better, get stronger and prevent further injury. Athletic therapists are also sports first responders and often work closely with sports teams. They are trained in the recognition of concussions, return to play protocols and management of injuries.

Certified Yoga Professor

Genevieve Brancaccio

Yoga is an inclusive practice of the mind, body & spirit. Through thoughtful movement of the body we deepen our introspective of the self and any energetic blockages. This practice allows you to re-learn how to breathe in a nourishing way. Yoga is a meeting of breathe & body in a way to undo all the unnecessary baggage.

Certified Osteopath

Kanitha Men

Alternative medicine that consists of precise manipulations in order to restore the flexibility and comfort of an affected structure. It focuses with a global approach to treating symptoms and sources of these symptoms. Osteopathy can help with musculoskeletal, visceral, cranial and other problems. This is a therapy for newborns to the senior. Example: digestive problem, menstrual problem, somatization problem, postural problem.

Certified Ganja Yoga Professor

Cynthia Pétrin

Cynthia studied communications and has always been fascinated by the transmission of a message, information or change that it can create in a subject. She thought she was working in advertising/marketing. From an early age, she has always practiced physical activities such as gym training, volleyball, dancing, cycling and running. It was only when she began to practice yoga that she decided to reorient herself and take a training approved by the Yoga Alliance of Ganja Yoga. This training was able to teach her concepts of biomechanics of the human body that made her want to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the human body but also awakened in her the 'mindset' that comes with a healthy lifestyle. She is intrigued by the way we treat our bodies on a daily basis in today's society and that can have a direct impact on our quality of life. She now adds fascial stretch therapy to her skillset, which she believes is one of the most effective ways to relax, become more comfortable in her body and mind and optimize her physical and mental abilities to thus take the first step in the goal of becoming the best version of oneself.

Certified Dietitian

Kimberley Paré

Kimberley Paré is a registered dietitian working in private practice and as a consultant with over 6 years of clinical experience. She is a McGill graduate and member of the Ordre Professionnelle des Diététistes du Quebec. As a competitive athlete and foodie, Kim has dedicated her career to preventive health, with a specialty in sports nutrition to help people live balanced, active and healthy lives. She has experience in cardiovascular disease treatment and prevention, obesity, endocrinological disorders (diabetes, hypothyroidism etc), hypertension, GI disorders, food intolerances, vegan/vegetarianism and sustainable eating practices. Kim believes that a healthy diet includes all foods, food is fuel not only for the body but also for the soul. She has a balanced and mindful approach without restriction, so habits learned can stick for life.

Fascial Stretch Therapist

Beni Djock

A lifelong athlete, before moving into the world of yoga, Beni joined forces with the Université de Sherbrooke soccer team where he studied physical education to help enthusiasts achieve their fitness goals. As a fascial stretching therapist, trainer and hatha yoga teacher, it is important for him to listen to his community and to offer his students progressive training programs to help, organize and coach them efficiently according to their specific needs and goals. "I am very passionate about life and I like to transmit my good vibe in everything I do, especially through physical and mental wellness.